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Cooking Traditional Cuban

fd3Cooking Cuban Black Beans

In 2007 my family was finally reunited after a long separation. As the older female I was cooking traditional Cuban Food. Imagine my surprise when my grandson’s wife said “Do you know that a lot of your recipes are very popular in Canada?”

Of course I was very surprise, since I have never visited Canada. She continue to explained that my grandson had given her one of two of my recipes, and that she in turn gave the recipes to her mother, who passed the recipes to her family and friends.

As I was remembering this day. I decided why not share some of my recipes with my Squidoo friends.

My first recipe is for Black Beans Cuban style.

What you will need:

1 bag of dried black beans
1 Large Onion
1 Green Pepper
2 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper optional
1 teaspoon of sugar

Soak the dried beans overnight or at least a couple of hours

Traditional Arabic Food


A great many people would list travelling as one of their interests or hobbies when asked to list favourite things. When travelling to a foreign country tourists love to take in the sights of that specific country and best of all try out all the different  foods which originate from the country or area.

Travelling to the Middle East would be no different and is the perfect destination to sample all types of Gulf and Middle Eastern cuisine. A suggestion would be to try out the buffet spreads where you could sample a little bit of every kind of dish. The following are popular to the Middle East.

Hummus is a dip made from chick peas and sesame seeds,tabouleh is chopped parsley, mint and crunched wheat. Ghuzi is a whole roast lamb on a bed of rice, mixed with nuts.Wara enab is vine leaves stuffed with rice and stuffed courgettes is known as Koussa mahshi. Local dishes include koussa mahshi which is spiced lamb with rice and hareis is a rich delicacy of slow cooked wheat and tender lamb.

Best Food


To be sure about the food that you serve your family, you need to be particular with the things that you put in and the materials that you use. In your home, your traditions regarding cooking and keeping the kitchen may no longer be applicable to what is proper these days. You may want to revise certain practices if there is a need to do so.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced housewife or a learned chef, there might be some things that you have left out in terms of the way you handle your good cooking So, you need to be able to have an open mind about changing those things that need to be changed.

Begin with checking out the things that you have always used. There may be kitchen ware and equipment that can be replaced by newer products. Also, you need to make sure that you have complete kitchenware to allow for a better culinary experience. Some of the kitchen essentials will include various sizes and types of knives, saucepans,

Greek Food Has an Array of Wonderful and Interesting Ingredients

If you appreciate eating as a whole dining experience right from when you first sit at your restaurant table and look at the menu to make your choice all the way through to that last satisfying forkful that leaves you wishing that you could eat more, then the food in Greece will tick the right boxes for you.

The food in Greece is about tantalizing your taste buds and getting those digestive juices flowing and wherever you go you cannot help but be surrounded by the amazing smells of food being prepared and cooked and it really adds to your eating experience.

In these days of fast food and convenience meals there are plenty of people that have forgotten what it is like to really enjoy freshly cooked, home-grown produce and ingredients that have been carefully put together into dishes that are beyond tasty.

Traditional Greek food is about making the most of the things that are locally available and grown in abundance and putting it all to good use. Think plump, juicy olives with a taste like no other for starters and before you turn your

Experience the Amazing Food

Brazil has many great places to visit and amazing sites to see but another thing about visiting Brazil is the food that they have. It might not be known as a place with great food but if you go for the traditional Brazilian food you will find yourself some real treats.

In Brazil, eating is an event, which makes the Rodizio a popular place to visit. The word Rodizio means rotate and when it’s associated with a restaurant it means all you can eat, and tends to be a barbeque. If you go to a Rodizio you should be prepared to eat a lot of meat, it’s not for the faint hearted or for vegetarians. There is a buffet to get the accompaniments to your food, such as salad and sauces and once you are sat down the waiters will start to bring you your food.

They will bring many different types of meat to you. There will be at least 10 different types of beef, chicken, pork and some extras such as chicken hearts. All the food is barbequed. You can sit there for as long as you like

Many Cultures Influence The Taste Of Mexican

Do you love and crave the wonderful flavors and aromas of Mexican foods? Many people do today. However, many of the different dishes that we may consider as Mexican foods are influenced by outside sources. These sources came from a great many other cultures as the new world was being discovered by those who came into the country from faraway places by way of the oceans or by trekking over land from closer destinations.

Interestingly, you can go to different locations in Mexico and the same dish will have a different taste, aroma, and flavor. This is really nothing unusual since if you visit various southern States, even the southern fried chicken recipes will vary in ingredients, flavors and aromas. It is the same for many different types of foods recipes with the same title all over the world. The reason for this is that most people will use what they have on hand while creating meals for themselves and their families. Although, there are many fundamental ingredients useful for making different types of Hispanic foods, many Mexican foods are influenced by many other cultures.

The Fundamentals of Mexican Recipes

Traditional Peruvian Food

Like many other cultures, Peruvian cuisine is a rich hodge-podge of influences, primarily combining Spanish cuisine with indigenous Peruvian ingredients and with the influx of immigrants were introduced the flavours from China, Italy, West Africa and Japan. For a quick sampling of what this Latin American country offers on its tables, here are some of the food and beverages that Peruvians enjoy:

Anticuchos. A popular street food, this is made of small pieces of marinated meat (most popular is beef heart) and grilled. They typically come with a boiled potato or corn on the end of the skewer, like a shish kabob.

Butifarras. Peru’s version of the ham sandwich, except this is made with a bread roll that is similar to the hamburger bun and the ham is a processed meat product to which is added a spicy sauce of sliced onions, chili peppers, lime, salt, pepper and oil.

Ceviche. A simple dish made with fresh sliced fish or any seafood marinated in lime or lemon, sliced onions, salt and chili. The citrus marinade cooks or “pickles” the fish making it unnecessary to use heat or fire.

Mexican Food

Posole, which is sometimes spelt pozole, is a traditional Mexican food recipe and this soup dates back hundreds of years. This dish is made with corn, meat, and seasonings including chilies. The meat might be chicken, turkey or pork rinds. There are also vegetarian and vegans versions of posole.

The ingredients of this dish changed a little after the Spanish began to arrive in South America but corn remained a popular ingredient in most of the recipes. You can get it in Mexican restaurants in the American southwest as well as in numerous Mexican states. Corn was sacred for the Aztecs, so posole was prepared for special occasions.

Turkey Posole

Heat three tablespoons of oil in a big pot and cook two diced yellow onions and two chopped, de-seeded, fresh poblano chilies in there until they are tender. Stir in two minced garlic cloves and cook for two minutes.

Add a tablespoon of chili powder and two tablespoons each of dried oregano and ground cumin. Stir in two quarts of turkey broth, four cups of cubed cooked turkey, a four ounce can of chopped

Flavors of Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods can be due to many different things. The most traditional aphrodisiac foods or the most well known are chocolate and oysters. It should be noted that most aphrodisiac substances work by the power of suggestion as there are very few foods that actually can bring about sexual arousal.

Chocolate is a very popular aphrodisiac foods as it contains many stimulants including phenethylamine, tryptophan, sugar and theobromine. Tryptophan can block pain and increase pleasure and when you fall in love the brain releases phenethylamine. However the quantities of these compounds found in chocolate is very minute and the aphrodisiac side of chocolate may be sure to its stimulant properties.

Oysters have been associated with eroticism for a very long time because of their appearance and texture. However it is most likely the high zinc levels found in oysters that make them an aphrodisiac food. If you are deficient of zinc then you run the risk of being impotent or having delayed sexual development. However if you are not zinc deficient then it is unknown how oysters can help with your sexual arousal.

Many fruits and vegetables

The Traditional Fare on Clean Monday

As I write this we are in the middle of carnival weekend. It’s big weekend here in Greece leading into Lent and is a time for a good deal of celebration. Following the main carnival weekend we have Kathari Deftera or ‘Clean Monday’ which is the official start of lent. On this day there are specific foods that it is traditional to eat and most Greeks head out to a local taverna and order a table load. In fact, for the devout, it will pretty much form their diet until Easter in 40 days time. Lets run through the staples of a Clean Monday menu and find out how to prepare some of these simple, tasty dishes.

All food served today will be accompanied by a special bread called Lagana. This was once unleavened but over the years the recipe has started to include a little yeast. It comes in the form of a large rectangle covered in sesame seeds and is most wonderful but very expensive to buy (bakers make a killing on Clean Monday!).

The types of foods eaten on clean Monday are generally vegetable or seafood based. Even the normally ubiquitous feta cheese

Traditional Food From Scotland

When travelling to different countries it is always important to bring home some traditional souvenirs. Traditional haggis is a souvenir that you can bring home in two different ways. Haggis is a commonly known dish that is made out of what is considered “sheep’s pluck”. That is the sheep’s liver, lungs, and the heart. It is then minced with many different ingredients that include oatmeal, spices, salt, suet, onion, and stock. They then simmer the meat inside of the animal’s stomach for a few hours. It sounds unappealing but it is a popular due to its unique taste and references in regards to Scottish culture on American television shows such as the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson for example. Learning how to make this haggis would be a fantastic way to bring home as a souvenir. Despite how unappealing it sounds it is said that it has a nutty texture and tastes wonderful.

There is a lot of folklore surrounding this traditional Scottish meal. The best (and cutest) story surrounding haggis is that the animal that is used to make this dish is actually a small animal that has a set of

Eat Healthy Chinese Food

Some people will write Chinese food off as fatty and full of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). Saturated fats and excess salts are considered bad for the heart and so it follows that Chinese food is unhealthy, right?

Wrong Some Chinese dishes, corrupted to become popular to western palates, fit this bill. Authentic Chinese food is not fatty, and MSG, if used at all, is used sparingly. In fact Chinese food has a long history of being directed towards promoting health; a much longer one than any local ‘fad’ in the west.

Some history

Although united 2000 years ago, China never developed a state system for healthcare until recently. Citizens had to take their own measures when sick, and since these were often too expensive, that meant avoiding sickness in the first place if at all possible.

The first principles of food therapy were established nearly 4000 years ago, though it was only during the Tang Dynasty (608-906 AD) that this form of knowledge became really popular. Four ‘pillars’ were identified as crucial to staying healthy: lifestyle, diet, exercise and mind. Of these diet was

Restaurant For Enjoying Food

It is extremely crucial that you find an authentic Indian restaurant in your locality if you intend to enjoy genuine Indian food with family or friends. Excellent services and the right ambiance, as well as hygienic cooking habits, are also the hallmark of such restaurants. You should consider other such steps to ensure such eating places.

Many restaurants are known for providing an Indian ambiance. But do not be fooled by them as such a traditional decoration inside of them may be to cover up for the shortcomings in food quality and even in services. So, while the right ambiance is always preferable and depicts the right intentions toward the customers, do not take it as a guarantee of quality food.

It is always better to have a thorough knowledge about the authentic Indian restaurant of your choice in your locality. Go to it’s websites and see if the site is well laid out with lots of information about the food and services. Often, the seriousness of the restaurant towards authentic food and services can be gauged by having a deep look at the site. a non-serious restaurant is unlikely

Finger Food Recipes

Finger Food Recipes are versatile and cater for any occasion

Finger Food is essentially the easiest way to serve your guests and can be just as easy as serving (low prep) such as bread, cheese, cold meat, olives, cheese and fruit. At the other end of the scale, they can be as fancy as crab stuffed mushrooms, mini-quiche or delicious homemade sushi rolls. They are also a great way to teach your toddler to feed himself because they are small and easy to hold and these include: cheese rusks, dips and vegetables, (tiny hamburgers, pizza’s, homemade pastries) and meatballs.

Whether you are preparing sophisticated recipes, such as canapés or just whipping up some enjoyable party food, there are thousands of different types to cater for that special occasion. Classy, yet simple, finding the right recipe can be a challenge.

Traditional Finger Food Recipes

One of the most popular, traditional finger food is the Canape. Canapes are generally made with a bread base, topped with an assortment of small, savory toppings. The bread is cut out into shapes such as squares, triangles, circles and rectangles

The Understanding the Importance

Babies are the harbingers of joy for each and every person around them. Even if they are not known, babies on the street make you smile as you tussle their hair and chat up their mothers. The special bond between the baby and their mother is born long before the baby. Sometimes the mother falls in love with the baby even before she conceives. The idea of the baby appeals to her instincts and through the nine months of pregnancy, the baby is no less a part of her than her heart. Babies tend to have this unwritten rule that nothing and no one is to some between them and their mothers. An invisible cord seems to bind them together, no matter how far the mother is from the child. It is, as if through the nine months of forming the baby and the mother have learnt to read each other’s mind, it is a beautiful relationship, something only a mother can enjoy. It is a privilege that the women gets.

This bundle of joy needs to be cared for. It needs to be fed, clothed and kept from harm. Mother’s milk is

Traditional Filipino Food

The artistry that goes with how you package and present food affects how others will receive it. What is pleasant to the eye tends to see the palate. In one small town in the Philippines, where people are known for their sweets and fruit jam, care is taken in wrapping their sweet delicacies.

Raymond Castelo and Luz Ocampo, in Bulacan shared their traditional art. Luz has been known as the “Master in Fruit Carving and Candy Wrapper Making.”

According to Raymond and Luz, “Deliciously sweet!” adequately describes the town’s jam specialties made of pomelo, lime, wax gourd, breadfruit, pineapple, jackfruit, native oranges, and soursop, among others. They are preserved in light transparent syrup, and then stored in glass jars.

The artistry that goes with preparing and packaging them is breathtaking. First, the fruits are made or carved with flowers, leaves, rosettes and varied patterns. They are bottled with the design facing outwards. Imagine a store-shelf, full of jam delicacies. They look to be inviting you in a most fetching manner to crave for such delicacies.

Below, their instruction on how to prepare your own

Mexican Barbacoa and Traditional Mexican

The word “barbacoa” is Mexican in origin and refers to a whole animal or a cut of meat cooked slowly over an open fire. Traditionally a barbacoa referred to a fire pit dug into the ground but today it can mean any kind of barbecued or even steamed meat.

Slow-cooked cow head, or “barbacoa de cabeza” is a famous Mexican food in the north of the country. Most Mexican barbacoa recipes do not use marinades or sauces while the meat is cooking, although sometimes a sauce is added when the meat is ready.

In pre-Mexican times, fish, turkey, beans and game were cooked over open fire pits for many hours. The Spanish introduced sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and cattle, and these were cooked in the same way.

Barbacoa in the United States

A barbacoa is usually made with cow head parts, such as cheeks, in the United States. Goat meat is more common in northern Mexico and pork is popular in the Yucatan region. In central Mexico, lamb is the most popular choice for barbacoa.

Recipe for Beef Barbacoa

This is a South Texas style recipe, since a chuck roast is used

Traditional Mexican Foods

Traditional Mexican foods are typically prepared by those who have a well stocked kitchen including all of the best tools needed to make the tasty meals the country is so well known for. In addition, although some of these tools are no longer commonly found in kitchens having been replaced by the more modern conveniences of today, they are still used by the many who want to lend an air of authenticity to the cooking process.

Traditionally, comals, or flat skillets, were made from clay but as modern stoves grew hotter, the clay became impractical. The comals of today are made of cast iron or steel and should be seasoned before using by baking in the oven after coating with bacon grease or lard. Some brands come already seasoned for the cook’s convenience.

Do not wash your comal with soap and water after using it to cook tortillas or toast peppers but instead, wipe with a clean cloth and carefully dry over a low flame.

The often used Mexican chocolate tool somewhat resembles a baby’s rattle and this wooden tool with its long handle is used like a whisk for whipping chocolates. A Tortilla press

Enjoying Traditional Foods In Modern Times

Mexican cuisine has been evolving for centuries with influences that reach halfway around the globe that have also withstood the test of time. One of the most flavorful and recognizable in the entire world, Mexican foods consists of a few unique ingredients along with some of the most commonly used items in all types of cuisine.

Corn, rice, and beans are three of the most traditional as well as inexpensive ingredients used in Mexican cooking and they have remained an integral part of the entire Mexican food experience. These foods along with a variety of peppers and spices such as Mexican oregano and, of course, dried chilies combine to create some of the most aromatic dishes ever created such as carnitas.

Carnitas, which translates into “little meats” in Spanish, refers to pork meat that is browned, braised, or roasted and is a dish that has been enjoyed for many years. Carnitas dishes are well known and may vary by region throughout the large country of Mexico and the pieces of pork are often served along with refried beans, salsa, and tortillas.

Traditionally, carnitas were cooked only in copper pots over a low flame to ensure

Vegetarian Traditional Foods

There are plenty of authentic Mexican food recipes, which would suit a vegetarian. Most of the Mexican food staples are vegetarian anyway, and that includes beans, tomatoes, chili peppers, and corn. Beans, vegetables, and cheese feature in a lot of traditional Mexican foods designed for non-carnivores and rice and tortillas are a tasty starch staple served with them.

You can convert a lot of beef or chicken recipes too, by using tofu or beans to replace the meat. There are a lot of appetizers, which are already meat-free, including nopalitos, molletes, and most salsa recipes.

Molletes are sandwiches and they can be savory or sweet. They are made with a bolillo, which is a crusty bun, which is stuffed and then broiled or baked. Sweet molletes are made with sugar, cinnamon, and butter. Savory ones contain cheese and beans. Nopalitos are cactus paddles, which are diced and added to appetizers or salads. Salsa is nearly always meat-free and it can be served with totopos, which are Mexican tortilla chips.

The Place of Meat in Mexican Food History

The indigenous people of Mexico had access