Flavors of Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods can be due to many different things. The most traditional aphrodisiac foods or the most well known are chocolate and oysters. It should be noted that most aphrodisiac substances work by the power of suggestion as there are very few foods that actually can bring about sexual arousal.

Chocolate is a very popular aphrodisiac foods as it contains many stimulants including phenethylamine, tryptophan, sugar and theobromine. Tryptophan can block pain and increase pleasure and when you fall in love the brain releases phenethylamine. However the quantities of these compounds found in chocolate is very minute and the aphrodisiac side of chocolate may be sure to its stimulant properties.

Oysters have been associated with eroticism for a very long time because of their appearance and texture. However it is most likely the high zinc levels found in oysters that make them an aphrodisiac food. If you are deficient of zinc then you run the risk of being impotent or having delayed sexual development. However if you are not zinc deficient then it is unknown how oysters can help with your sexual arousal.

Many fruits and vegetables are considered aphrodisiac because of their shape and appearance. However to maintain a healthy sex drive you need to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet and a healthy diet is full of fruits and vegetables. However no direct links to specific products is currently known.

Aromas are what can increase the level of arousal and in men the aromas that did this include cinnamon buns, cheese pizza, strawberries, vanilla, buttered popcorn, lily of the Valley, doughnuts, orange sand black liquorice. For women aromas that increased arousal include baby powder, banana nut bread, chocolate, cucumber, candy, pumpkin pie, and liquorice. The products that contain sweet spices tend to have more success at increasing arousal as sweet spices work by decreasing anxiety.

Aside from foods, you can also use herbal extracts or supplements that act as aphrodisiacs and add them to your diet. The trick is to use them on a daily basis so that they are constantly active in your system… meaning when the time comes you will be ready to perform no matter what! Sexual health, just as general health is extremely important for a balanced lifestyle, so when buying foods and supplements to help in that department, it is wise to use organic produce that is free from pesticides and GMO products that may actually do you more harm than good.