Many Cultures Influence The Taste Of Mexican

Do you love and crave the wonderful flavors and aromas of Mexican foods? Many people do today. However, many of the different dishes that we may consider as Mexican foods are influenced by outside sources. These sources came from a great many other cultures as the new world was being discovered by those who came into the country from faraway places by way of the oceans or by trekking over land from closer destinations.

Interestingly, you can go to different locations in Mexico and the same dish will have a different taste, aroma, and flavor. This is really nothing unusual since if you visit various southern States, even the southern fried chicken recipes will vary in ingredients, flavors and aromas. It is the same for many different types of foods recipes with the same title all over the world. The reason for this is that most people will use what they have on hand while creating meals for themselves and their families. Although, there are many fundamental ingredients useful for making different types of Hispanic foods, many Mexican foods are influenced by many other cultures.

The Fundamentals of Mexican Recipes

Basics included some local wild game, which was not abundant. However, their diet did include from time to time such meats sources as wild turkey, deer, ducks, and rabbit. Other foods include various types of delicious fruits native to the area as well as honey, vanilla, cacao or chocolate, salt, corn, beans, squash, avocados, tomatoes, and fish. However, various strong native herbs, spices, and chilies are included to add zest and flavor to many different foods.

The meat from cactus was also useful for creating a base in many of the main dishes of traditional Mexican foods. They also made use of lard in their many recipes rather than butter or margarine, since it was rendered while cooking the fat off animals. This bit of lard included in their recipes is one of the main ingredients that enhance the flavors and aroma of their many different dishes.

Delicious Ingredients Added to Mexican Recipes

As time passed along many different types of cultures of people have made their own special impression on the variety of ingredients that are useful today for making a delicious family meal, a side dish or even party foods and desserts. For instance, others food sources included pork, beef and lamb, garlic, coriander, wheat and other herbs and spices. However, many other cultures have added their own special spin on these types of recipes down through the years.

Mexican Cooking Utensils

Long ago, Mexican foods were made in clay or earthen cookware. It is the use of these more natural cooking aids and tools that help give authentic Mexican food its wonderful aroma and taste. Cooking Mexican foods in metal is another modern addition to the changes that many of these recipes have seen as the years have passed. Although, cooking in metal cookware can create some wonderful tasty dishes and treats, it cannot replicate the original tastes of this type of food since; pottery is the initial or fundamental component. You may not choose to use authentic Mexican pottery cookware unless it is marked as safe for food and lead free. Any pottery cookware that is not safe should be marked as for decorative use only.