The Understanding the Importance

Babies are the harbingers of joy for each and every person around them. Even if they are not known, babies on the street make you smile as you tussle their hair and chat up their mothers. The special bond between the baby and their mother is born long before the baby. Sometimes the mother falls in love with the baby even before she conceives. The idea of the baby appeals to her instincts and through the nine months of pregnancy, the baby is no less a part of her than her heart. Babies tend to have this unwritten rule that nothing and no one is to some between them and their mothers. An invisible cord seems to bind them together, no matter how far the mother is from the child. It is, as if through the nine months of forming the baby and the mother have learnt to read each other’s mind, it is a beautiful relationship, something only a mother can enjoy. It is a privilege that the women gets.

This bundle of joy needs to be cared for. It needs to be fed, clothed and kept from harm. Mother’s milk is the best for an infant till six months. According to WHO, the introduction of baby food before six months can lead to iron deficiency in the baby. That is because iron absorbing ability from the mother’s milk in the proximal bowel becomes depressed when the milk comes in contact with other food. Baby foods are now available on the market in many packaging and forms. Be it frozen or fresh, baby food can be bought off shelves in any shopping trip. However, homemade baby food is still preferred in places across the world. Traditionally baby food is a grain mixed with a liquid, such as the bland cereals of Europe. In Africa the babies are first introduced to maize pudding. Gradually mashed fruits and vegetables and normal family food is included in the baby’s diet. Whatever the food be, be sure to take care of the baby, be safe.