Vegetarian Traditional Foods

There are plenty of authentic Mexican food recipes, which would suit a vegetarian. Most of the Mexican food staples are vegetarian anyway, and that includes beans, tomatoes, chili peppers, and corn. Beans, vegetables, and cheese feature in a lot of traditional Mexican foods designed for non-carnivores and rice and tortillas are a tasty starch staple served with them.

You can convert a lot of beef or chicken recipes too, by using tofu or beans to replace the meat. There are a lot of appetizers, which are already meat-free, including nopalitos, molletes, and most salsa recipes.

Molletes are sandwiches and they can be savory or sweet. They are made with a bolillo, which is a crusty bun, which is stuffed and then broiled or baked. Sweet molletes are made with sugar, cinnamon, and butter. Savory ones contain cheese and beans. Nopalitos are cactus paddles, which are diced and added to appetizers or salads. Salsa is nearly always meat-free and it can be served with totopos, which are Mexican tortilla chips.

The Place of Meat in Mexican Food History

The indigenous people of Mexico had access to beans, corn, papayas, squash, avocados, sweet potatoes and cactus paddles but limited access to meat, although they did fish a lot (those in the coastal areas, at least) and eat wild turkeys.

Until the Spanish introduced pigs, sheep, goats and cattle to the indigenous people of Mexico, they did not have these animals. The Spanish also introduced black pepper, rice, wheat, cilantro, cheese, olive oil, and lettuce.

Modern meat-free Mexican food is widely available in Mexico although you will find it harder to find vegan food. This is because most meat-free Mexican food recipes include eggs, cream, or cheese. Burritos are usually filled with one ingredient only so you can choose one with beans, cheese, or rice. Tacos can be vegetarian, as can quesadillas and tamales.

Vegetarian pozole, gazpacho (a chilled soup), huevos rancheros, and chilaquiles are other options. Chilaquiles are made with corn tortillas soaked in a red or green sauce. They can contain chicken or fried eggs. Chiles rellenos, which are stuffed chili peppers, are served without meat during Lent. As you can see, there are plenty of easy Mexican recipes you could make if you do not eat meat or poultry.

Recipe for Mini Vegetarian Tortilla Quiches

This Mexican food recipe combines cheese, corn, onions and more and flour tortillas are used instead of pastry. These little snacks are perfect for lunch or supper and you can liven them up with as much hot sauce as you want.